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Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor - “Rainbow Scarecrow” premiere

After they almost died while flying back from their first European tour, members of Detroit trio Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor got off the plane feeling weirdly transcendent. Terrifying as the flight might have been, it led to the creation of some of the most sublime, hypnotic and spacey music of the band’s career.

“This is the first video we shot and edited entirely ourselves. We had a vision, some borrowed gear, and some locations so we got together one day and knocked out all the shots. The video is a prequel to the “See You In the Mourning” video which overall is a metaphor for addiction and mortality. We are attempting to put a spotlight on the trappings of social paradigms that martyr and admire artists that struggle with addiction. Especially when that struggle has a tragic resolution.”

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DanP said...

congrats on this premiere!