Los Marbles – “A Million Pieces Of Mind” premiere

September 21, 2017

Los Marbles – “A Million Pieces Of Mind” premiere

Hiya, here’s some new recordings by Los Marbles. 

This first studio recording is three songs and we’re currently looking to see if some like minded soul would be interested in pressing it up on vinyl together with us.
Musically it’s a mix of all stuff we love, with no limitations. The pop sensibilities are here in form of melodies and arrangements and at the same time it’s a free form soundtrack to the movie we live – or would like to live – in. Our influences are everything and nothing.

Philosophical questions about the constructionist reality of past present and future and how to maybe change things for the better by altering how we see and describe it are there – but there’s also hedonism, freedom to choose how to live your life and of course the eternal call to just let go of your ego and come on and dance! 
Music may even be a wormhole to other dimensions and maybe magic will seep into the world through it!
The band:
Måns P Månsson – Guitar, vocals, fx 
Indy Neidell – Keyboards, vocals, fx
Tobias Resch – Bass
Jim Halvarsson – Drums

    The Marbles great sound , there !

  2. Christopher Osborn

    I really hope you get this pressed onto vinyl, gentlemen. It sounds fantastic.

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