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A Devil’s Din - “One Hallucination Under God” album premiere

A Devil’s Din are the psychedelic brainchild of UK-born Montreal-based multi-instrumentalist David Lines; joined on his creative journey by disciple of the Rickenbaker bass Thomas Chollet, and virtuoso drummer Dom Salameh.

If I had to describe the album in one word it would be: fun. There’s plenty of head-boppin’ moments and there’s a really nice flow that takes you from earth to the stars and back in less than an hour. We got sweet fuzzed-out guitar tones, harmonies, melodies, hooks...and gongs! It’s a nice ride. And embedded throughout are certain words and phrases designed to elicit new ideas, widen the field of perception, and inspire a more cosmic outlook on life. Which is also fun. Especially on acid. It’s an incredible place to be as an artist: creatively free, without any limitations, so we can offer the world our fun and fuzzy freakadelic rock music. - Dave Lines vocalist / guitarist.

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