Bad Liquor Pond – “Let the River Come” / “Electric Splash” (2009) review

July 24, 2017

Bad Liquor Pond – “Let the River Come” / “Electric Splash” (2009) review

Released in 2009, “Let The River Come” is the only bit of wax you’re ever going to get from the now defunct Bad Liquor Pond, which is still available on their Bandcamp shop; and vanishing quickly. With the flip side “Electric Splash” being found on their most profound album Blue Smoke Orange Sky [which is out of print], this single in many ways can be seen as a prelude to that album, and encompasses all of the hazy reverb soaked deliciousness you could possibly hope for.

Without a doubt, there has not been one mistake made on either of these songs, and they are both masterpieces of the neo-psychedelic movement that will be looked to for inspiration for years to come.
Of course the drawback is that this is a seven inch package, and let’s face it, one must be dedicated to spin a seven inch these days. Nevertheless, there is something delightfully elegant about spinning a record, even a short one, where the atmospheric warmth an charm shine through, not just with the music, but being in possession of a physical package, and the relationship we as listeners have with that format.
Review by Jenell Kesler/2017
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