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Tomorrows Tulips - “When” (2014) review

Intoxicatingly simple and ear catching, Tomorrows Tulips lay down a sonic atmospheric of ultra mellow southern California low-fi dream pop played and sung in the lower registers with limited and pleasingly repetitive chord changes that move across the room like the afternoon sun, highlighting bits of dust slowly dancing through the air by the smallest breeze, and causing your eternally sleeping cat to stretch out even more comfortably on his back.

The songs are warm and much shorter than they seem, with each being eloquently laced with heavy reverb, sustained bass-lines, grainy guitar runs, breathy vocals, and entrancing lyrics … all moving slightly below the speed of a human pulse, reflecting music that is melodic and almost meditative as one song tumbles after another, creating a sense of transcended isolation.

I endlessly search out bands like Tomorrows Tulips, bands who both look and sound extremely stoned, visionary summer wastoids on an eternal trip to nowhere, meeting all of their spiritual and aspirational needs in the beauty of a perfect wave, delighting in catching all the green lights on the way to the beach, and managing to string one cloudless afternoon after another, where even passing a joint requires too much effort. This is lay in the sun music with a surf vibe that swells in your heart, where fuzzed guitars define your very being with undemanding musical structures.

When is a delightfully comfortable perfect album for when you’re bored with being bored, yet there’s nothing else that feels as good as being right where you are at the the moment this album ebbs from your speakers.

- Jenell Kesler
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