Glitterbust – “Glitterbust” (2016) review

June 14, 2017

Glitterbust – “Glitterbust” (2016) review

Glitterbust – Glitterbust (Burger Records, 2016)
Glitterbust is one of the more odd and energetic albums that’s come my way in a very long time. It’s impossible to call this body of work noise-rock, jazz, fusion, or even experimental versions of any of the aforementioned genres, because the band incorporates all of those effortlessly and flawlessly.

Certainly the record is arty, even edgy, at times relentlessly so, coming off almost corrosive at certain corners, while at other intersections it ventures off into an atmospheric mellow terrain that comes off quite spacious, laced and intermingled with impressionistic ritualistic droning that consists of a rather few choice chords, though that should be expected, as one of the band’s members, Alex Knost [along with Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth], has played in Tomorrows Tulips, a laid back southern California stoner adventure, one that is so mellow it will nearly stop your heart.
The music unwinds slowly, with a calculated precision of cycles, where fragmentations of songs seem to be blended together to move one into deeper waters, where the listener is met with visionary mystic vocals, vocals and instrumentation that lead to the creation of shadowy moods of nuance and undefined actual places.
Glitterbust comes off like a wave, though having said that, an ancient Japanese teacher once asked his student to describe a wave. The student cited the foam, the rise, the crease, the backwash and the strength, with the teacher finally saying that a wave is not a thing, it is an ever repeating event, which is about the most descriptive manner I can find to describe this outing.
– Jenell Kesler
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