All star cast of weirdos record James Joyce’s “Finnegans Wake” (part two)

April 24, 2017

All star cast of weirdos record James Joyce’s “Finnegans Wake” (part two)

We’re pleased to premiere a second collection of tracks from the upcoming release of Waywords and Meansigns, an international project setting James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake to music. 

You can read more about the project, and hear our first premiere here.
A highly unusually project primed for bending minds, Waywords and Meansigns compiled over 100 musicians, readers and artists from 15 countries for their May 4th, 2017 release. The project includes an all-star cast of weirdos, from punk icon Mike Watt and Mercury Rev veteran Jason Sebastian Russo to the likes of Papa Spain and Neil Campbell. 
Listen below to hear Tim Cornelius, Martyn Bates, Alek Erickson, Tom Segear, and Sticky Foster and Usurper.
Tim Cornelius is best known for his work in New Zealand’s Sandoz Lab Technicians. This particular recording is an excerpt from what is essentially an album-length recording for Waywords and Meansigns, featuring a host of readers including Tim’s children. 
Martyn Bates achieved cult status with his band Eyeless in Gaza, and continues to make haunting alternative and experimental folk. He previously recorded Chamber Music, an album of James Joyce’s poetry.
Alek Erickson is son of Lars the pianoplunker and artisan of concrete obelisks, grandson of Gordon keeper of the bowl of grapes, and of the band Razors. This recording is a collaboration with Anna McClellan.
Tom Segear lives in Boston, Massachusetts, where he emerges from the traditions of mind-bending new grass and jam bands. 
Sticky Foster and Usurper is a collaboration between A Band veteran Sticky and Edinburgh musicians Malcy Duff and Ali Robertson. Seymour Glass likens this recording to the “twitching and blinky aftermath of a T-bone collision between an interactive reimagining and field recordings from dress rehearsals for awkward teenager recitations.”
All audio from Waywords and Meansigns is distributed freely under Creative Commons licensing at the project’s website, www.waywordsandmeansigns.com. Listeners are encouraged to submit their own recordings to the project, so get involved!
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