WEEDEATER drummer Travis Owen

August 10, 2016

WEEDEATER drummer Travis Owen

Weedeater are one of the heaviest, dirtiest, and for that matter weediest metal bands. They were formed in Wilmington, North Carolina in 1998. Dixie Collins of Buzzov*en decided to concentrate his efforts on Weedeater, after Buzzov*en disbanded and made it his new primary project, recruiting members Dave “Shep” Shepherd on guitar and Keith “Keko” Kirkum on drums.
Travis Owen is their newest member/drummer and recorded drums for their last album, out in May, 2015. Travis was in many other bands including Whores, Miller’s Tale, Red River Revival and Artimus Pyledriver. Weedeater recently came from Australian tour and are back in the States. Here’s a quick conversation I had with Travis. Enjoy and God Luck and Good Speed.

Goliathan is your first album with Weedeater. Are you satisfied with the result? 

I was very pleased with Goliathan. Steve Albini was great to work with.

How did you get in contact with Dixie and Shep?

I met Dixie and Shep years ago while in Artimus Pyledriver. Then I started playing bass in Zoroaster and we toured US and EU… and we hit it off and when they needed a drummer they called me. 

Your previous band was Whores. What would you say is the main difference in playing with Weedeater now?

The Whores thing was pretty awesome. We had some internal issues and when Weedeater ask me to join I got really buzy and just couldn’t do both.

In the past you’ve been involved with Miller’s Tale, Red River Revival and of course Artimus Pyledriver where we heard your amazing drumming skills. Would you like to talk about your past experience between the bands and the drumming?

Not sure how to answer that… All just were at different points in my life… some good, some bad… I think Artimus Pyledriver was cut way short and could have been a great long term thing…

What are some drummers that influenced you?

The best drummers in the world are Byron McDonald of a Charlotte band named Spite… He died a few years ago… Jaime Miller from Snot… and Shannon Larkin from Godsmack now but he has been in a million better bands… 

What are you currently listening to?

Gezz, I listen to just about all types of music… Dax Riggs, Outcast, and Today Is The Day …

Right now you are touring the States. How has it been so far? Any plans for coming back to Europe?

Yes, we just did a month on the west coast and Canada and now we are out on the east coast and east Canada for 3 weeks… home for a few days then Australia.
And New Zealand with Conan… We were just in EU a few months ago, before my son was born.
Editor’s Note: Interview was conducted in May, 2016. For upcoming events please see Weedeater website.
Are you working on a new material?
We are hopefully going to record more this year… just trying to find the time. But yes more is coming soon.
Weedeater (Australia Tour, 2016) © Travis Owen
Season of Mist Records reissued their full back-catalogue.
– Klemen Breznikar
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