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Secret Colours - Secret Colours (2010) review

Secret Colours - Secret Colours (2010)

With each track being somewhat similar in their liquifying nature and structure, Secret Colours does not lose the conceptual flow, nor the psychic development and energy necessary to move and shift within the band’s hauntingly profound and compelling neo-psychedelic ebb and flow ... a flow that shimmers with delight, giving a modern take on what a historic lysergic adventure would have been like, in this, an almost acid-free culture and time.

Faster paced tracks overlay those of a slower nature seamlessly, unfolding with mild overtones of surf, sun, sand and heady libations.  Oddly compelling are the soft spoken lyrics that go down easy, giving each song a sense of urgency and displacement, creating a dream like mesmerizing atmosphere of nostalgic honesty and magical delight ... one filled with fuzzed out guitars, lingering instrumentals, along with a presentation that is worth drawing the blinds, and setting aside all else that’s going on in the world.
Review by Jenell Kesler/2016
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