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It's Psychedelic Baby presents: RMFTM - "Translucent Concrete" premiere

RMFTM have shared the second cut – ‘Translucent Concrete’ – from their upcoming LP, Subversive II: Splendor of the Wicked. ‘Translucent Concrete’ is a brutalist and industrial amalgamation of psych and acid-house that’s as relentlessly abrasive as it is deeply mesmerising. On the surface it’s a thundering bass and synth driven track, but there is always more nuances to be discovered behind that angular, incessant beat. A few listens only scratch the surface of what is hidden in the mix waiting to be discovered. Snatches of guitar, swathes of synths and stabs of bass are all sampled and reconstructed, underpinned by industrial clatter as the song propelsitself to a euphoric climax. If you’re a fan of The Soft Moon, Gnodand White Hills then this is definitely going to be your bag.

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