It’s Psychedelic Baby presents: You Said Strange – EP#2 premiere

March 8, 2016

It’s Psychedelic Baby presents: You Said Strange – EP#2 premiere

…a woozy psychedelic bliss
This time last year You Said Strange were setting off on a French tour with The Dandy Warhols and now they’re getting ready to share their latest output EP#2, a woozy cocktail of shoegazey psych. 
Their wholesome indie-rock is reminiscent of Temples, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Spacemen 3 but propelled with an insatiable Californian surf-rock energy that, whilst at times lucid and mesmerising, makes you long for summer.

EP#2 is optimistic and entrancing, sending you into a daze as jangly guitar schime over pounding rhythms whilst reverb-heavy vocals croon with an effortlessly hopeful charm.
The songs on the EP confidently ascend and throw you into a euphoric wall of noise. Washes of fuzz, distorted guitars and spaced-out effects are thrown together as the band deliver ethereal shoegaze mastery. Closing track ‘Tilleli’is testament to that, a voracious blast of psychedelic noise underpinned by a whirlwind of drawn out synths and Eastern sounding guitars and percussion. 
Since the release of their first EP the band have been busy playing shows all over France, sharing bills with Fidlar, Metz, The Jon Spencer Explosion and Black Market Karma to name a few. The band will be coming over to the UK to celebrate the release of EP#2 with a show at London’s psych mecca The Shacklewell Armson April 1st.
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