The Wheelers of Oz – Revivalised (2015) review

February 3, 2016

The Wheelers of Oz – Revivalised (2015) review

The Wheelers of Oz – Revivalised (2015)
Standing at one of the thirty-fifth floor observation widows of a very nice hotel, a bit chemically induced [legally], I was watching the lights of San Diego slowly flicker on as the sun was setting somewhere behind me, painting the sky with perfect shades of pinks and oranges, my headphones beginning to buzz with delight … I was hearing Wheelers of Oz for the first time, and I knew it would never get any better than this. 
Revivalised is certainly lo-fi garage intoxication, yet in the same breath, The Wheelers Of Oz are so much more, inspirationally burring the lines between shoegazer and straight ahead hazy sun drenched psychedelia, while mixing in fuzzed out reverb to create a dream-pop psych atmosphere that’s very easy to get lost in. Their sounds are layered, almost cinematic, incredibly yet effortlessly tight, washed in instrumentation that moves both outward and inward, catching the listener off guard, but not unpleasantly, masterfully maintaining a dramatic movement that weaves outward, yet almost magically, always travelling back to the center before reaching out again with a purity I have not experienced in years.
I personally can’t wait for their next release, wanting so much to continue on with their magical mystery tour. So, whether you’re on a thirty-fifth floor or just sitting out under the stars Revivalised is going to stagger you.

Review by Jenell Kesler/2016
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