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New Candys - New Candys as Medicine (2015) review

New Candys - New Candys as Medicine (Picture in My Ear Records, 2015) 

Like a Sodium Pentothal drip, New Candys warmly hypnotically hold you at a barely conscious level, mending the atmosphere in front of your half closed, half aware eyes, morphing sound and vision at a heartbeat level, leaving you stumbling to reach for something just out of reach, something hanging just beyond your grasp ... but not quite.  There’s an eloquent sense of tribal drumming that gives way to warm guitar solos, mixed with vocals that seem to linger somewhere around the corner, as if you’re gonna catch up with them, face them with understanding, but instead, they lead you down endless side streets filled with wonder and delight, vanishing in the air like a whisper bouncing off midnight walls, with no one there to hear your thoughts but you.

Review made by Jenell Kesler/2015
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