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Thelightshines - Before the Sandman Sung (2015) review

Thelightshines - Before the Sandman Sung (2015)

Anyone who’s ever chemically laced the night knows what it’s like when the walls stop moving, the colours become less brilliant, and with a sigh, reality ebbs in, replacing a nocturnal adventure with tired eyes, and a head longing for the comfort of a pillow, where in the morning, all things will be as they were ... save for the unfocused memories of the night before.  And as you lay there, facedown in your pillow, attempting and failing to block out the long fingers of the sun as it creeps in through your window, unexpected flashes momentarily dance across the back of your eyelids, causing a smile to inch across your face. Before The Sandman Sung is that smile, Before The Sandman Sung is the sun warming your face, reminding you of how blissful the album Now The Sandman Sings was.

And while Before The Sandman Sung is an EP of material that couldn’t be squeezed onto the album, along with bits that are still taking shape and gathering form, this compilation is well worth your while, it’s an adventure in its own right, and will aid you in comfortably winding down, and welcoming the new day.

Review made by Jenell Kesler/2015
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