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The Moas/Susan - Skid Fiction (2015) review

The Moas/Susan - Skid Fiction (Beaumont Records, 2015)

Quite possibly the best example of some of the finest Saskatoon bands we have to offer. What we have is a split cassette between two very different, but equally amazing bands. The Moas side of the tape is a 90s throwback to the days of dreamy rock. Maybe if Stereolab's "Laetitia Sadier" fronted Bardo Pond that would be a good description of the sounds I'm hearing. Susan on the other hand sounds like a band that would've been born out of the Calgary post-Women scene. Jangle heavy guitars chime so lovely that you would think this was something from the Paisley Underground. Mixing those guitars with the chord progression and vocals of a post punk band makes for a Hell of a debut for this young band. Be sure to watch out for more releases cause music this good can only warrant more recordings!

Review made by Matt Yablonski/2015
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