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JAZZ CORNER Presents: Dawn Of Midi

Ola psychedelic people. Happy autumn and I wanted to put a few cranks on the jazz review/sausage machine and toss some records out for your listening pleasure.

Today's record comes from a south east Asian trio out of Brooklyn called 'Dawn Of Midi'. They had a widely reviewed and praised out on Thirsty Ear in 2015.  I'm a busy listener and haven't peeped that one but part of that is due to my affection for their first record, called First and self-produced and self-released.

It is a piano/bass/drums trio and this is neither your soft after hours lounge tickler nor your full on Cecil Taylor keyboard destruction. This is where writing about jazz can devolve into polysyllabic diarrhea. I will say that they play less rather than more and they are less interested in playing melodies than creating an ambient landscape where the harmonics of what they're playing both resolve and push against each other.

Is that description too far up my own ass?  I don't think so. I know it's more than saying it rocks or "dude, that's heavy" but I'm sure you can hang.

If you are to check out this record I would start with the sixth track, one. It's my favorite track on the record -- sparsely, ambient and weirdly engaging. I also like the third tune, "Civilization Of Mud And Ember." The last tune, "In Between" is a long circular kinda trippy piece that moves up and down dynamically and goes someplace while not really going anywhere.  

I would peep it on headphones as I think the music works better consumed that way. Check it out, just groove on the sounds and hopefully you like it.

Review made by Steven Walcott/2015
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