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Renny Wilson - Punk Explosion/Extension (2015) review

Renny Wilson - Punk Explosion/Extension (Mint Records, 2015)

You may recall from the interview with Edmonton wonderkids "The Betrayers" the mention of an artist named Renny Wilson. Notably known for his uber pop record Sugarglider, if you're familiar with that release you're in for a shock. Recorded off and on between 2007 - 2015 this is some of the sleaziest weirdo punk music to come out of Canada. Pitched shifted vocals are probably the first thing that grab you, don't worry your record player is working. Gnarled screams blend well with the pop song writing Renny is best known for. Humour is prominent on this record as well, I mean seriously listen to his cover of "Jukebox Hero" and try not to laugh at the hilarity of the songs. The name might be a nod to Jon Spencer's Blues Explosion but trust me this is a very different beast. Be sure to pick this up before your favorite skateboarder features a song in their next video and makes this record stuff of legends! A+ 

Review made by Matt Yablonski/2015
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