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Nest Egg - Respectable (2015) review

Nest Egg - Respectable (Bathetic Records, 2015)

2015 is a good time to be alive if your a fan of psychedelic music, specifically the offshoot genre "space rock". With many bands embracing the sonic soundscapes that seem almost astral we are lucky, nothing better than being blown out of this world by music! A perfect example of this cosmic rock would be Nest Egg from North Carolina. Their album "Respectable" dropped earlier this year helping spread their sound to the masses. Probably best known for being the band that the Austin Psych Fest resident in-house DJ "Al Lover" has been singing their praises since last year. Those praises were quite accurate, clearly wearing their influences on their shoulders you can almost hear the German innovators of Krautrock in the repetitive grooves of the songs, with the sonic overlords "Hawkwind" whispering into their ears much like the devil might do if this were your conscience. Nest Egg were able to record a great album that helps capture the sound of their live show which from what I've seen from YouTube clips, is a must see! Be sure to grip this record before it gets discovered by the masses and goes out of print!

Review made by Matt Yablonski/2015
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