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Simeon Soul Charger

Simeon Soul Charger are proud to announce the release of their first compilation disc titled, "The Hiraeth Compilation Vol. 1". Since they first established an European home base in March of 2011, they played over 400 festivals and concerts spanning 16 countries. It's impossible to try and explain every experience big and small that has transpired, but the countless bands, fans and friends made in the last 4 years are absolutely priceless for them. As are the friends and family members who have supported their journey for such a long time before they ever set foot on an east-bound plane. They reached out to a handful of bands they shared the stage, road and night with since their musical adventures began with Simeon Soul Charger - and boiled it down to 16 bands from 9 countries - to offer the many characters in their lives a sort of sound track to the last 4 years of their existence. These are the bands: Tank86 from Tilburg, Netherlands The Howling Muffs from Grolzham, Austria MOTHERBRAIN from Berlin, Germany Super Hard Boys from Cologne, Germany Dull Knife from Brighton, England The Tenants from Akron, Ohio, USA Sundog from Munich, Germany Audio Love Nation from Budapest, Hungary Radio Haze from Abensberg, Germany @Cuprum from Prague, Czech Republic Waxy Monx from Columbus, Ohio, USA @HOKUM from Freising/Munich, Germany Street Corner Talking from Zurich, Switzerland Asbestos Lettuce from Akron, Ohio, USA @Toadstool from Passau, Germany thee Jones Bones from Comunia Valley, Italy Beginning June 13th the first 500 orders from the official Simeon Soul Charger website, will receive a hand-numbered copy of "The Hiraeth Compilation" - They also have a limited supply for live shows! Hiraeth means, by definition, "A homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past." 


MKrieg said...

Hey man I'm sorry for ask you a genuine online petition on this post, but man, you must find the way to interview to the band members of thunder and roses, that kingdom of black sunrise is really a masterpiece hidden by other albums of 1969, I find a soundcloud interview to the drummer of thunder and roses, but really it sucks, hope you can read my words, thanks

Klemen Breznikar said...

I will try to get in contact with their members. Any ideas? Thanks!