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Jackie DeShannon - All the Love "The Lost Atlantic Recordings" (Real Gone Music, 2015) review

Jackie DeShannon - All the Love "The Lost Atlantic Recordings" (Real Gone Music, 2015)

This release is remarkably similar to Real Gone’s recently issued Dusty Springfield collection, Faithful. Both contain early ‘70s material the two artists recorded with the intention of having the tunes make up albums for Atlantic, and in both cases the planned LP got shelved. For DeShannon, the tapes were meant to comprise her 1973 follow-up to Jackie, her debut for Atlantic. One track got made into a single at the time and six others saw later release on an expanded reissue of Jackie, but this is the first time we’re hearing the whole body of work she did for Atlantic at the time.
The connections between DeShannon and Springfield continue in the sound and feel of these sessions. The whole is highly reminiscent of the album Springfield released in ’73, Cameo. Both have a warm, early ‘70s AM radio aura and both feature quality pop with some soulful touches. There’s even a cover song that’s included on both All the Love and Cameo: Alan O’Day’s sultry ballad “Easy Evil.” 
These DeShannon cuts are a pleasure to hear, even if there’s nothing on the set that you’d call a real highlight of her career. Interestingly, although she’s an accomplished songwriter, some of the more pleasing cuts on All the Love are her interpretations of others’ material. My personal favorite selection from this set is her sublime reading of the Christine McVie-penned Fleetwood Mac song, “Spare Me a Little of Your Love.” In addition to the tapes for the unrealized album, All the Love also collects four songs DeShannon recorded in collaboration with Van Morrison – must-hear stuff for any fan of either or both artists.

Review made by Brian Greene/2015
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