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The Charlatans - Modern Nature (2015) review

The Charlatans "Modern Nature" (2015)

In a very good way, “Modern Nature” is a warm crazy swirling patchwork of songs and sounds drawn from the last 40 years, strung together in a manner of delightful intoxication, walking you through a series of half forgotten memories and unrealized visions you swore you’d remember ... but never did.  So leave it to The Charlatans to weave the fabric of dreams together with airy melodic musical sketches, hypnotic Hammond organ riffs, delightful delicate harmonies, tasteful string arrangements, and a hint of breathless anticipation. 

Grab the deluxe edition ... although it’s been said that the number of stars in the sky is just perfect, these additional songs will make your moonlit night all that much brighter.

Review made by Jenell Kesler/2015
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