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Male Gaze - Gale Maze (2015) review

Male Gaze "Gale Maze" (Castleface Records, 2015)

A band that is commonly described as a super group, Male Gaze is already full of seasoned vets in the California music scene. Featuring former members of Blasted Canyons and Mayyors, this band is ready to make big waves. This album is full of crunchy guitar driven songs that are leaning more on the "punk" side of post-punk. Heavy 80s vibes are flowing throughout the album that makes you feel like maybe California is a little less sunshine and happiness and more closer to a gloomy London feel. Strap on your most beat up leather jacket, buy a pack of the cheapest cigarettes you can find, and get ready for a ride to a literal Death Valley. Be sure to check out Blasted Canyons while your at it, best band on Castleface Records in my opinion, and that label is a god damn treasure trove of amazing bands!

Review made by Matt Yablonski/2015
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