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Bo-Dogs - Bad Bad Dog! (2014) review

Bo-Dogs "Bad Bad Dog!" (Low Impact Records, 2014)

    Producing instantly recognizable sounds and feels while still making it all seem fresh is not an easy thing to pull off, but Swedish garage rockers Bo-Dogs accomplish that here seamlessly. One track makes you feel like you’re hearing an unearthed Dave Edmunds lost classic, the next one puts you firmly in the garage and could be The Fuzztones, the next one works the Bo Diddley shave-and-a-haircut rhythm to pleasing effect, and so on. The song I can never get enough of, “Junk Angel,” has a power pop guitar surge with a heavenly, sticks-in-your-head vocal melody. The whole album makes me feel like I want to be contentedly polishing up my vintage hot rod with a glass of foamy beer never too far out of reach. It’s music that’s feelgood without being simple-minded. You could play it for your 1950s/early ‘60s music-loving uncle or the young kid at work who’s just starting to learn about garage, rockabilly, and surf rock.  It’s twang and fuzz and melody and just good old greasy rock and roll. I’d love to see these guys on a double-bill with Southern Culture on the Skids.

Review made by Brian Greene/2014
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