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The Last King of England - The Last King of England (2014) review

The Last King of England “The Last King of England” (Saint Marie, 2014)

Not to be confused with Idi Amin Dada, his royal highness Sacha Alessandro Marcello Berardinelli Galvagna is the latest in a long line of England’s final sovereigns, elbowing the Queen’s dad (George VI) aside to lay claim to the throne. But seriously, folks: Sacha is a member of Carta and is ably assisted on his debut solo album by Carta buddy Gabriel Coan. The album can also be heard as a sister album of sorts to last year’s The Faults Follow which we were very fond of when we reviewed it here.
                However, it should be noted that Sacha’s tunes are quieter, more mysterious, haunted even. The stalking, eerie strings and edgy vocals on opener ‘Heartache’ suggest that Sacha has left Carta’s shoegazing atmospherics behind and is pursuing a more personal direction that is closer to vintage Cure, ca. Seventeen Seconds, Faith, and Pornography. I was occasionally reminded of the spooky theme music from US TV cult series American Horror Story when listening to ominous skincrawlers like ‘Cassette’ and ‘Englishness’, with their nails-on-a-blackboard background noises and tiptoeing through the graveyard sound effects.
                ‘Sink The Ships’ is another creepy-crawly Halloweeny dirge with sleepy, pained vocals of the Nick Cave/Iggy Pop variety, and I don’t know who ‘Franco Bolli’s Brother’ is, but the swirling, hypnotic, pant-shitting tribute that Sasha and Gabriel have come up with suggests he’s one sick muthafuckah.
Halloween is just around the corner and The Last King of England arrives just in time to scare the shit out of those nasty little buggers ringing your doorbells in search of goodies. Just crank this sucker up to 11 and point the speakers at the front door and you’ll be guaranteed to be left in peace. Just be sure to hide the razorblades!

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2014
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