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It's Psychedelic Baby presents: The Cush "Broken Radio" premiere

The track is from the forthcoming album, Transcendental Heatwave, which will be released in January on a few different labels, depending on the territory. Here are the details on that:

Follyphone Records - vinyl release in Scandinavian countries
The Synaptic Empire - CD release only
Dreamy Machine Records - vinyl release in the UK
Dreamy Soundz Records - vinyl release in the US

Here's a little more info about how the video was made.

From Dan at Follyphone Records, who created the video:
"The video is made from images found in the Prelinger Archive. I enjoyed making it myself, and there's a satisfaction and pride in being self-reliant. As a small label hell-bent on creating a meaningful alternative to the current mainstream music industry, we wholeheartedly embrace the do-it-yourself ethos for pretty much everything and we're proud to say we have a shit load of fun doing what we do."

From Gabby Douglas:

"To me, this video is intuitive images linked together, creating psychedelic eyes. Layers of mysterious images set perfectly to the layers of vast sounds provided by The Cush. Burette and I both loved the videos right away! They add so much to our songs, a story, on another level."

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