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The Muddy Brothers interview

In this interview, The Muddy Brothers, a heavy-psych blues band from Brazil, speak about their musical influences, recording their latest album Handmade, and the psychedelic scene in Latin America.

Could you tell us about the history of The Muddy Brothers? How did the group form?

My brother Will, and I, we had always played together with some other bands. One day Will (guitars) met João (vocal) at the university and asked him to make an audition to our old band, “Valvulla”. So he joined us.
When our old bass player left, we tried to find another one, but we didn’t. Meanwhile, we decided to test playing without the bass and we recorded a single “High School Girl”. We liked the result very much! So we decided to take on the band that way, with no bass. And it got: Will Just (guitars and backing vocal), João Lucas (vocal, harmonica and keyboard) and me (drums). 
A month later we got the name: Muddy Brothers. Muddy is homage to the blues man Muddy Waters, one of our influences. Brothers is more about our friendship.

Whom are some of your favorite psychedelic artists, Renato?

Well, each one of us have our favorite artists. In common I can cite:
Mutantes, Pink Floyd, Cream, Beatles (Sgt Peppers), Jimi Hendrix (Experience), The Birds, Tame Impala.

What is the psychedelic scene like in Latin America currently?

In Brasil the scene is not very strong, but it’s getting strength gradually. There are bands playing, besides the psychedelic genre, also others like Blues Rock, Stoner Rock, Acid Rock, and reliving the '60s and '70s sound.

Why did you decide to play psychedelic music? Renato, what appealed to you about this particular genre of music?

We've always liked '60s and '70s bands, some of then sound more as Blues Rock, and others are more psychedelic. The melodies and effects become attractive, so it ends to influence the compositions.

Why do you think psychedelic music became so popular lately?

That's a very hard question. But I think it’s because psychedelic music shuns commercial standards, and there’s something spiritual about it!

Renato, do you have any side projects?

So, me and my brother Will Just (guitar) will always play together in any project that we put into practice.
João Lucas (vocals) has project for presenting his folk songs. But the priority is currently being Muddy Brothers.

Will you be playing any festivals or live dates?

Due to completion of a new EP that is to be released sometime this year, we're doing only local shows.
Festivals so far nothing marked, I believe that after the release of the EP we get some festival or a important show! who knows!

Interview made by John Wisniewski/2014
© Copyright

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