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Mojave 3 - Excuses for Travellers (2000) review

Mojave 3 "Excuses for Travellers" (4AD, 2000) 

Many reviewers have dismissed this gem with a wave of their hand, saying that in 2000 there were just too many of these atmospheric sheets blowing in the wind, shrouding the listens with so much low keyed musical bliss that it was impossible for people to do anything but breathe ... being overly intoxicated by the rapture.  And while there may certainly have been a number of bands working in the genre of dream-pop, hardly a one stood even close to Mojave 3, with the exception of perhaps The American Analog Set.

If anything should be said for the release, it’s that Neil Halstead again lays down most of the song writing on this their best album to date, where the band crafts solid sleepy numbers that are as comfortable as your grandmother’s bedspread, and equally as delicious as the smell of her bacon and egg breakfast floating down the hall, scurrying your dreams to the ceiling, and enticing you to wake in the half light, sitting at her enameled kitchen table, wondering why everything seems better here, than at you own home.  And if I have any concerns, it’s to ask why Rachel Goswell isn’t featured front and center on more of the tracks.

So ... if you can dismiss tight simple graceful songs that create a soundscape filled with enchanting characters that ride a like a feather on a breeze, asking nothing of you, not even for your attention, as they weave a hypnotic magical spell of distant romantic notions that feel as if they’ve been part of the lexicon of your half forgotten memories, then by all means, pass this brilliant gem by ... or, let go, and get swept up in the magic.

Review made by Jenell Kesler/2014
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