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Ephera - Navi (2014) review

Ephere "Navi" (2014)

Navi, the new album from the prolific electronic beat wizards Ephera has taken a decidedly remarkable turn ... seeming to be guided by a more gentle hand, and divined with more thought and consideration.  Ephera still maintain their initial structure and inspiration, sounding for all the world like we’re not only being treated to snippets from old black and white movies, but from the vanished lives that were going on in front of that glass tube.  It’s almost as if Navi have tapped into the ability to reach back in time, and view the world from the inside of a television set, then channel these incomprehensible bits into the future, where they’ve been picked up and repurposed into a delightful vision of a vision, that exists only here, on Navi.

The boys have created a dreamy soundscape, and then eclipsed it with memories that send the listener is several directions at once, leaving me to wonder why they didn’t consider visual references to be played along with these tracks ... but perhaps that’s in store for their next outing.  Regardless, the deeper one travels into this project, the more difficult it is to leave, no doubt due to the interplay between the presentation and the listener’s projected interaction.  And to that end, let me just suggest that you put all other things aside for a bit, turn down the lights, and let yourself be immersed in their dream.

Review made by Jenell Kesler/2014
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