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"Back In The CCCP", Radio Moscow @Stairway Club (Cascais, Por) 26/05/14 Live Report

© Pedro Roque

If Randy Holden and John Nitzinger had gone through some sort of genetic experiment, this is what the result would be. Seriously one of the best live bands out there, Radio Moscow provide a high class psych boogie like no other group right now.

Drinking from the same fountains as many others, this overpowered trio play with such a tightness that one might think 'What if King Crimson just wanted to play the blues?'. On the other hand, 'What if Blue Cheer wanted to be prog rock?'. Injecting colourful tones to a never quite feedbacking guitar, the grooviness that exudes out from the speakers melts everybody into a bodily mass of coolness.

Radio Moscow know what they are doing and the set goes through their released discography and beyond. With new songs 'Death Of A Queen' and 'Rancho Tehama Airport' from their next record 'The Magical Dirt', Radio Moscow mix old and new material seamlessly. A massive highlight is their version of Brain Police's 'Gypsy Fast Woman'. It's like the song was written all that time ago and linger in obscurity just for Radio Moscow to play it now and claim it their own.

The thing is, it's not just blues and heavy psych that this particular radio transmits. As said earlier, the tightness is such and so effortless that it amazes everyone who is lucky to see Radio Moscow live. Classic but inventive, they often get locked in a groove that lingers on and on up until there's a drum/bass/guitar fill that returns the main theme of the song Radio Moscow are playing. In turn, the entranced audience gets a release of energy that bursts out like strong explosives on New Year's Eve. Radio Moscow are just like intrinsic flameworks in the form and shape of humans armed with instruments.

© Pedro Roque

Also, when was the last time one went to a show and got presented with a drum solo? All the classic ingredients are there for a time travel to when drum solos were actually good and not just mere indulgence.

Sometimes, the sound becomes so fat that it just runs down the walls like grease on a truck stop diner's kitchen on a seedy restaurant and for the sold out crowd of the perfectly sized Stairway Club, there was no escape

This was one of the most unbelievably good concerts I have ever attended. In fact, it was so good that a new adjective has to be made up to qualify the quality of such a show. Radio Moscow should be placed up high as any of the greats people regard as cornerstones of heavy rock. They have soul, talent and songs of unearthly quality and groove. What a night, man! What a night.

© Pedro Roque

Report made by Carlos Ferreira/2014
© Copyright

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