The Tapestry Of Delights Expanded Two Volume Edition

June 25, 2014

The Tapestry Of Delights Expanded Two Volume Edition

The Tapestry Of Delights Expanded Two Volume Edition: The
Ultimate Guide to UK Rock & Pop Of The Beat, R&B, Psychedelic and
Progressive Eras 1963-1976
ISBN: 1-899855-19-3
by Vernon Joynson
First published Oct 2014. £68.00
COMING SOON!!! This stunning, vastly expanded two-volume
(A-K) and (L-Z) edition of The Tapestry Of Delights Revisited contains all you
ever need to know about sixties and seventies rock and pop between 1963-1976.
Totalling over 2,000 pages it is over twice the size of the previous edition
and over three times the size of the original edition. Even if you purchased
one of the earlier editions we think you are going to love this. It is also a
wonderful present for fans of sixties and seventies music.
There are hundreds of new entries (large and small). The
discographies for each entry are extremely detailed and, for most entries,
overseas releases are included as well as comprehensive reissue information,
details of retrospective compilations and appearances on various artists’
compilations, all in far more detailed than in previous volumes. Similarly, the
bibliographical details and descriptions and critiques of the music are in much
more detail than previously. An updated rarity scale is provided for all UK
Each of the two volumes is profusely illustrated throughout
and contains an eight-page colour section.
The book is lovingly written and compiled by a collector
(helped by other collectors) for collectors and lovers of sixties and seventies
rock and pop.
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  1. Kevin Rathert

    I love it when great minds work together. The physical copy of Psychedelic Baby and the 2 volumes expanded Tapestry. It just doesn't get any better!

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