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RIP Patrick Lundborg

I'm in shock. I just heard the news, that our dearest friend Patrick Lundborg, author of amazing Acid Archive and Psyhedelia passed. His contribution in the world of psychedelia have mesmerized me and tons of other psychedelicist. I made an interview with him, when his book came out, which is by far the most complete work about psychedelic state of mind and just a few days ago we finished the most in depth article about Lumber Island Acid Crew he was part of. The interview about Lumber Acid Crew will be posthumous published. I'm really sad he won't see our first physical edition. Travel safe in higher realms, my friend. RIP.

- Klemen Breznikar


Jeff Penczak said...

An amazing human being, a dear friend (who I also interviewed in depth about his book for a British music journal) and an amazing mind - so sad to hear this news.

Anonymous said...

Very sad to hear this. Though I did not know him, he seemed like a really cool dude, and I liked his views on psychedelics. He also has said some very kind things about my former band over the years. RIP.