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"Plowing through...", Pontiak @Sabotage Club (Lisboa) 16/5/14 Live Report

In Portugal there is a radio show called 'A Floresta Encantada' (The Enchanted Forest) dedicated to the sounds of yore. Progressive and psychedelic sounds emerge weekly. The show's hosts are Tiago Castro and Ana Farinha. On the 16th of May, there was a party at one of Lisbon's top notch rock clubs, Sabotage. On the bill was original collaborator Pedro Góis, DJeing with the enchanted crew of the airwaves. To thicken the plot, American sibling trio Pontiak served the starter, main course and dessert with the cherry, the icing and one of the tastiest cakes one could be offered. And what a cake it was...

Promoting their latest record, 'Innocence', Pontiak proved to be quite an effective and powerful live band. Slow, heavy and hypnotic, the three bearded brothers seem to have devoured Sabbath's 'Master Of Reality'. Not satisfied with the shrortness of such a record, they made songs of what could be a second disc to that album.

Energetic but without any particular shenanigans, they plunge into a fat guitar/bass combination, hold on tight by a muscle car drumming that puts everybody into a rhythmic body movement like drugged up cult members from the moment GO!. The trio of voices emerges often to make it even clearer that we are into something else, not just heavy music but something that achieves transcendence.

Some of the highlights were 'Surrounded by diamonds', 'We've got it wrong' and 'Shell Skull'. Freed from the record format, Pontiak could grind the songs into the ground, entrancing the audience to oblivion beyond belief. Interspected with a few gentler songs that allowed the audience to breathe a little, the main drive of the concert is that overdriven distorted sound humming along the entire show.

Labeled as 'stoner rock', there is more to Pontiak than just lighting up a few and revel in the desert. The brothers create their own little universe and we are all invited to join them on their travel through Wisconsin. The images they conjure are of plowing through a snowy Winter night. The best way for me to describe might be if you imagine a mixture of an actual Pontiac and a tractor, the sound it would make could resemble Pontiak. Don't miss out on such a trip.

Report made by Carlos Ferreira/2014
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