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Real Estate - Days (2011) review

Real Estate "Days" (Domino, 2011) 

With their bigger production and more self-assured nature, Days rolls along filled with a bright panoramic of jangling guitars, brining to mind those lovely soft psychedelic sounds that keep riding the waves, and washing to the beach.  Matter of fact, with a nod to The Byrds, there’s even a song entitled “Younger Than Yesterday” to complete the circle, and capable of laying a heady buzz on anyone on fine afternoon at the Jersey shore. Days is downright seamless, an aspect that can hardly be said of their previous recordings, perfectly suited for an evening of soft-core narcotics, with music that’s deeply polished, richly layered with structures that fold and then refold in on themselves ... like a kaleidoscope who’s colours just keep getting richer with each turn of the tube ‘til you can barely stand the seemingly effortless shimmering delight.

Days is cheerful, and wider in it’s musical vision, stretching out with short jams that do nothing but have me wishing for more.  There’s an aspect to Real Estate that brings to mind the great Brian Wilson, a man who never left his room, yet never the less tapped into the sweeping social scene that was changing the face of America; though one could easily argue that Brian was creating a large part of that social landscape without venturing outside ... as are Real Estate, a gifted banded group of musicians who’s sound at times transcends the nature of music, creating melodies that rise to the point of aching, laughter, and aching laughter, to completely swamp your ears with a vision soundly built on the past, yet rising your face a bit more to the warm sun, marking a spot on the map where dream-pop comes into it’s own, making you think it can never get better than this.

Review made by Jenell Kesler/2014
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