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Twin Wolf - Twin Wolf (2013) review

Twin Wolf "Twin Wolf" (Fierro! Records, 2013)

'Howling at the Moon'

There's Southern Rock. Then there's Southern European Rock. There's a musical enclave in Europe called Iberian Peninsula. There is quite a scene in both Portugal and Spain where Fado and Flamenco don't really take part. Maybe because of the two aforementioned genres, it becomes slightly surprising that both countries rock out as much as non-latin countries.

One of those examples is Spanish outfit Twin Wolf. They just released their self titled debut through Fierro! Records. The record is for fans of good ol' seventies sonic regalia. Relentless but classy, these four dudes aren't afraid of their references. The difference is the imagination of how they dress up well known trodden paths with the same clothes but with different arrangements.

As the record kicks off with 'The Deal', you know what you're going to get. Tuneful but in your face melodies intertwine with percussive and driving rhythms. They bring out a tightness that continues with a groovier 'Green Rose' and as the record progresses into 'Diamond Eyes', the melodic side of Twin Wolf is even more apparent, slowing down the pace just enough to still sway and headbang as much which is a mood that continues with 'Dark Sun'.

'Druids' starts out as a doomy ballad but it evolves into a full out groovy heavy rocker with blistering guitar work perfectly dosed throughout the track and while 'Devil Preacher' resumes the opening attack of the first couple of tracks of the record, the real gem in this slab of vinyl is 'The Newborn'. Simple and effective, the wailing guitar churns out a sense of feral future for the newborn of the title. Like Bloodrock's D.O.A., it's a slow but catchy riff that gets stuck to your brain like a bad fever invoking bad trips and nightmarish visions. It's just one of those riffs that can go on and on and on that you don't get tired of listening to.

The strong point about Twin Wolf is that they are heavy and metallic in the vein of some obscure NWOBHM from the late 70's where Sabbath meets the immediacy of Witchfinder General and Aragorn. Nonetheless, Twin Wolf aren't set out to copy anybody, they just do what comes out naturally for them. The subtle lead guitar work is also one of their strong points, reminiscent of Wishbone Ash and Thin Lizzy, were they to be doomier which combined with the ever pounding drums makes this a tight record.

Lycanthropists out there beware, because these children of the night are out to get you, your soul and your families.


Review made by Carlos Ferreira/2014
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