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LILIES ON MΔRS – Dot To Dot (2014) review

LILIES ON MΔRS “Dot To Dot” (Saint Marie, 2014)

The Sardinian duo of Lisa Masia and Marina Cristofalo make beautifully erotic soundscapes on their debut full length, following on from the successful reception of their teaser single “Oceanic Landscape”, which Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins, Bella Union label) selected as his “Track of the Week” on his UK radio show. That dreamy pop confection and other seductive gems are included on this impressive debut, which kicks off with “See You Sun”, a backwards electronic whirl morphing into a Cocteau Twins-ish dance number which also hearkens back to Julee Cruise’s amorphous floaters on David Lynch’s Twin Peaks soundtrack.
“Dream of Bees” continues the stream of breathy, little girl vocals bouncing around incessant backbeats, while “No Way” is a Yes…Way for me: gorgeous vocals, swaying little melody – this is top-down, cruising-along-the-beach music, perfect for escaping the winter doldrums. This must go down a storm around the Mediterranean club scene back home in Sardinia!

                There’s no shortage of experimental sound collages either courtesy the brief palette-cleansing two-part “Interval”, but it’s those ethereal vocal ballets interspersed throughout hypnotic electronic atmospherics that will win you over. One of our favourite labels from last year looks ready to conquer our hearts and ears all over again.

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2014
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