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Jakob Skøtt - Amor Fati (2014) review

Jakob Skøtt “Amor Fati” (El Paraiso, 2014)

Causa Sui drummer Skøtt began El Paraiso to release his band’s albums and this is his second solo effort. It opens with the heart-racing “Mantis In Lace”, which borrows a familiar riff from Giorgio Moroder’s classic Midnight Express soundtrack, and then ups the glitchy synth ante on the Kraftwerkian “Synthemesc”. Fans of John Carpenter’s soundtracks for his Halloween films will also find a lot to enjoy throughout this synth-heavy listening experience.
               But let’s not forget that Skøtt is a drummer first and foremost, so there’s no shortage of headbanging tribal percussives, with the organ-laden “Araucaria Fire” leading the funky, jungle boogaloo down Broadway. On this front, fans of fellow drummer-led krautrockers Guru Guru (and Mani Neumeier’s own solo efforts) will be right in their element.
               Improvisation is also prominent throughout, and Skøtt changes tempos as frequently as the wind direction in a sand storm, leading to some impressive, mind-altering melodies that’ll keep you on your toes and prevent the tracks from drifting off into aural wallpaper. Then there’s the headswirling whirly whoops of “Omega Oscillator” and the ferociously manic drum attack of the title track to draw favourable comparisons to those vintage Silver Apples albums from the mid-60’s! And the album ends on a contemplative, relaxing note with the swirling “Earth of No Horizon” that’ll have Tan Dream heads salivating for more.
              So if you’re into electronic soundtracks or krautrockian soundscapes and have more than a few Vangelis and Tangerine Dream albums in your collection, “Amor Fati” will be an excellent addition to your music library.

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2014
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