It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine

It's Psychedelic Baby is an independent, music magazine. We are covering alternative, underground, non-commercial and non-mainstream artists in variety of shapes and genres. Exclusive interviews, reviews and articles. A place where musicians can express themselves. We serve an international readership.


We are receiving a lot of albums in various formats; from cassettes to vinyl. We sadly can't review everything, because it's impossible. We really respect every artists and because of that we started "psychedelic attic", which is a list of everything that comes to the magazine with a few details about the band or label. Since we are huge lovers of vinyl format we decided, that besides "psychedelic attic" we will share photos of everything that arrives in vinyl format on the website, facebook and twitter. Bands that released music on other formats are anyway listed in "psychedelic attic". This decision was made simply because we really think vinyl records are a special piece of art; a most "real" format out there. 

This means, that absolutely everyone will be featured on the magazine in one way or another, which include interviews, reviews, photo exposure or psychedelic attic. It's simply because we love music and the prime goal is to expose it to you.

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