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The Social End Products - Nutre Tu Cabeza (2013) review

The Social End Products “Nutre Tu Cabeza” (Radar Eye, 2013)

The debut full-length from this Greek neo-psychedelic quintet ticks all the right boxes to recreate and expand upon the delicious sounds of 60s garage psych with a slightly punky undertone, a la Brian Jonestown Massacre dissected by Green On Red. Stinging guitar lines weave around omnipresent organ flourishes and singing drummer Sta Stea has just the right degree of snarky eloquence in his voice to solicit favourable comparisons to the likes of Chocolate Watch Band’s Dave Aguilar and The Seeds’ Sky Saxon.
               All the vocals are in English and their song titles illustrate their self-confessed interest in Satanism and lysergics, e.g., “I’m Strange”, “Slit Your Wrist” (featuring a gnarly fuzz solo), “Rise From The Dead”, “She’s Off Drugs, She’s So Boring.” There’s also a distinct Stonesy swagger throughout the album that transports the listener back their late-60s output, ca. Aftermath through Let It Bleed.
               Fans of everything from 60s garage psych to the paisley underground take note – the sound is alive and well and flourishing in Athens!

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2014
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