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Farthest South - Spheres & Constellations (2013) review

Farthest South "Spheres & Constellations" (False Industries/FarSouthWest Records, 2013)

Israeli psychedelia of the highest order… and I do mean high! The trio spent an eventful night in the Israeli desert and returned to capture their spiritual enlightenment via one long (35 minute) track that explores three phases of consciousness: external, internal, and eternal. Known for their improvisational recording methods, the band flipped on all the buttons and let the music swarm through them. It ebbs and flows as they continually feed off each other in a synchronistic discovery of the music within each of them. Fans of krautrockers Tangerine Dream Ash Ra Tempel will feel right at home, but this is also a watershed of ambient, post-rock soundscapes previously explored by the likes of Stars of The Lid, Hammock, and God Is An Astronaut. Windy & Carl’s similarly themed (and titled) Consciousness is another salient signpost.

               The track works perfectly as the soundtrack to your own personal voyage to inner space, with the processed vocals dropped in to anchor your mind inside your skull. (At times it sounds like excerpts one of Terrence McKenna’s lectures!) But the predominant sound seems to be electronically generated – swirling Moog and Korg Trident intertwined with spacey effects and even a cell phone! They all recreate the swoosh of your brain cells soaring through the outer (and inner) universe. “Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream.”

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2014
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