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The KVB - Minus One (2013) review

The KVB “Minus One (Extended Edition)” (A Recordings, Ltd., 2013)

Third time’s the charm for all you KVB completists. “Minus One” was originally released back in 2011, but only as a digital download EP. Sticking to unusual (some might say obsolete) media, the pair (Nick Wood and Kat Day) then reissued it last year on a Canadian tape label as a limited edition (100 copies) cassette. Thankfully, Anton (Brian Jonestown Massacre) Newcomb convinced them to remaster the EP and add some additional tracks, and he’s covered the remaining media bases by reissuing the whole shebang on vinyl, CD, and digital download with brand new artwork created by Kat and Nick. So, finally, KVB fans can sit back and rejoice – your dream release has arrived just in time for holiday gift-giving!

               Right out of the gate, “Again & Again” throbs and glistens down some dark Gothic back alley, with motoric drumming propelling its Joy Division beat into your head like moths to a flame. Some have likened the KVB to Jesus & Mary Chain with synths, and “Something Inside” and “Live Or Die” certainly do up the blood pressure a few heartbeats with monotonic vocals and screeching guitars ripped straight off your favourite JAMC album. Next, “Passing By” eerily stalks its way around the room, with Kat’s Theremin-like synths hovering in the air like something out of a 50’s sci-fi film.

               “Endless” trickles out of your speakers like warm blood flowing down your backbone, with bleating synths and a throbbing bass circling your brain and you just can’t help jumping on to the dance floor. Old school fans of provocative New York minimalists, Suicide will really dig this one, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg that roars full throttle out of the VU maelstrom that is the darkwave S&M highlight reel, “Dominance / Submission”. (It even borrows a riff from an obscure, REAL old school synth dance floor classic – check out Our Daughter’s Wedding’s “Lawn Chairs” for a nostalgic trip down memory lane.) It’s a fitting tribute to the master of bootlicking depravity, and I’m sure ol’ Saint Lou is up there smiling.

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2013
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