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Secret Colours - Peach (2013) review

Secret Colours "Peach" (2013)

Secret Colours stumbled out of the studio hazed and dazed ... well, at least that’s how I like to imagine it.  But truth be told, the band lovingly painted themselves into a corner, where the only way to go was up and out, shimmering the Chicago skyline, and infusing a softly dramatic 60’s psychedelic polychromic vision that ebbs out across the night, causing everything to take on a delightful softness around the edges, where lava-lamp liquid colours melt down the sides of buildings, morphing everything into an oozing bliss of satisfaction.

The album is laced with bright 60’s British pop sensibilities, filled with smokey reverb, dancing drenched vocals that will harken both early Floyd [ah-la Meddle] and circa 1966 Marc Bolan ... and it’s all held together by a kaleidoscope of psych guitar splendor, along with some oddly familiar backwards sounds that will instantly draw to mind lost visions from The Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour,” creating a caravel atmosphere of easy to grab hooks, and subtle grooves from which you’ll never want to come home.

Review made by Jenell Kesler/2013
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