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Bad Liquor Pond - Blue Smoke Orange Sky (2012) review

Bad Liquor Pond "Blue Smoke Orange Sky" (2012)

I sincerely doubt that any of the songs lifted from Blue Smoke Orange Sky could pass a drug test, as the duo of Dave Gibson and Poridge Blackwell mix a hazy concoction of bright wide-awake psychedelia, where they trip-out the genre of shoegaze by keeping all of the songs to a manageable length, lacing the edges with bits of jangling Americana and retro 60’s garage psych smoke-rings to mindfully edge you on, and spaciously enlighten your trip.

This is their third album, and was a delight to my senses as it melted between my ears, ebbing the warm summer galaxies ever closer.  Bad Liquor Pond understand the nature of what they’re doing, and that in itself is no minor achievement, where the listener seems to be held on an outstretched feather, as the boys envelop and divide, putting all of their energies into first rate songwriting and delivery, managing to avoid the pitfalls of escalating and expansive stoner jams.

This is full spirited psychedelic music at it’s very best ... and at just the right altitude.

*** The album cover is in perfect step with their music, harking back images of the notorious Acid Test posters of the early 60's.

Review made by Jenell Kesler/2013
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nice band!
I just wanted to say I really like your whole blog here, cool music
and stuff to discover!
btw, the electric wizard interview brought me here.
good job dude!