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Orange Yellow Red - A Rose Made of Galaxies (2013) review

Orange Yellow Red “A Rose Made of Galaxies” (Saint Marie, 2013)

Debut album from British dreampop trio delivers an avalanche of Cocteaus-meet-Cure swirling pop, all delicately balanced on Emma Hayward’s soaring vocals and Ross King and Philip John Mayor’s serpentining guitar duets not heard to such devastating effect since The Chameleons’ heyday. The ethereal tunes have a little more meat than the typically airy Cocteau soundscapes…perhaps The Heart Throbs are a better reference point, particularly when Hayward’s vocals are double tracked, as on the sublime “All The Hopes”.
                The band’s acknowledged influences (The Cure’s Head On The Door and The Beach Boys Pet Sounds) are successfully captured via crystalline guitar lines that would do Robert Smith proud and the multilayered arrangements fill all available spaces with a warm envelope of ear candy. Ruminative tracks like “The Sea” and “Thunder“ add some nice melancholic touches that balance out the more visceral pop thrusts and “Some Things Are” might just be their “In Between Days”.
                If you thought that sweet little perfect pop tunes were disappearing under the bombastic assault of untalented wannabes on all those idol shows, take time to seek this one out and restore your faith in the pop music scene. Simply wonderful!

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2013
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