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Sky Picnic - Paint Me A Dream (2013) review

Sky Picnic "Paint Me A Dream" (Nasoni, 2013)

Third album from this Brooklyn trio brings a lysergic sheen to their 21st century psych pop, which recalls similar astral voyages from the Rainbow Quartz psychedelic stable such as The Gripweeds, High Dials, Asteroid #4, and Outrageous Cherry. Leah Cinnamon’s mesmerizing vocals soar hypnotically around Chris Sherman’s spacey, Floydian keyboards, pointing this spaceship directly into the heart of the sun. Funhouse whispers summon Eugene and his ill-fated axe on the stalking ‘Freak Out Ethel’ (complete with gnarly solo), while ‘Dream Yourself Away’ floats heavenward in a puff of purple haze like Stevie Nicks under Rihannon’s spell.

                Other favourites include ‘Kaleidoscopic Cadence’, with its melotronic, Crimsonesque vibrations a la ‘Talk To The Wind’, ‘Cadence & Cascade’, or the McDonald & Giles album, and the epic, somnambulistic trance-inducing finale, ‘Slumbers Gate/Aurora’, which feels like something the Floyd left off Meddle.

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2013
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