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Mayflower Madame - Into The Haze EP (2013) review

 Mayflower Madame “Into The Haze” EP (Stamp, 2013)

           The debut 4-track EP from these Norwegian psychedelic shoegazers creates a snappy, punky atmosphere, complete with shimmering guitars and forceful, driving beats. “Hot Blood Shivering” boasts Gothic underpinnings courtesy vocals that will easily remind 80s fanatics of their beloved Bauhaus, Fields of The Nephalim, and Sister of Mercy albums. The gleaming, Gothic spires on the album cover solidifies the Goth influences.

           The title track is a menacing stalker with dark Cure overtones, while “The Longing” is an eerie horror film soundtrack with serpentining guitars and foreboding vocals. Noisy, melodic, and nostalgic, this is highly recommended to both old and new Goths and is a promising beginning that begs for a complete album in the near future.

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2013
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