Arawak – A short bio by Claudio Casalini

September 7, 2013

Arawak – A short bio by Claudio Casalini

Golden Pavilion Records & Light in the Attic
presents “Arawak”, released on High quality old-style tip-on jacket with a
Japanese style OBI. This interesting library record was released by small
Italian label “Squirrel” back in the ’70s. The LP will take you to various of places. Album has
cinematic values. Famous producer Madlib used samples from it. Here is a
short story written by Claudio Casalini.
I was very fortunate – in
addition to being a disc-jockey my entire life – to have met many great
musicians. In the villas near my house lived great Maestros such as Renato
Serio and Armando Trovaioli and as a neighbor across next door I have the
nonagenarian daughter of the legendary Vittorio Gui, the antagonist by
excellence of the great Arturo Toscanini, also Glyndebourne Festival’s music
director from 1951 to 1963, who founded the “Maggio Musicale Fiorentino” in
april of 1933, who in the same year was invited by Bruno Walter as conductor at
the Salzburg Festival.

In a villa a bit ‘further
(always into the Olgiata residence area) lived Luciano Simoncini, of whom I had
the good fortune to be estimator and friend, to frequent his home and being –
still today – a good friend of Silvana, his wife.

To make Simoncini live
again, albeit very partially and only by one of his many pseudonyms, is for me
a great feeling, difficult to explain. I can see Luciano still sitting at his
piano, a magnificent Bluthner (baby grand?), with his ironic smile and with his
hands fluttering on the keyboard as crazy butterflies in a beautiful spring day.

It would take a book to talk longer about his simple and very polite person,
reserved, almost shy, a great musical genius who was ashamed about his skill,
never ostentatious.  It’s time to let the
music take over and invite us all to the world of Arawak. Luciano thanks again!
Arawak thanks!

This disc gets a new
breath of life through the dedicated and laborious effort of two record companies,
Golden Pavilion and Light in the Attic with the realization and express wish of
Mrs. Simoncini,  who said to me  “Luciano did not want to go to America
many years ago,where several times he had been offered dizzying gigs. Now he
will finally cross the ocean”
Article made by Claudio Casalini/2013
© Copyright
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