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Zen Mantra - How Many Padmes Hum? (2013) review

Zen Mantra "How Many Padmes Hum?" (Stroll On Records, 2013)

Some would say that modern technologies destroyed music with the ability to record it with just computer and programmed instruments. Most of them are probably right, but there are always exceptions. The example is Zen Mantra – a bedroom project by 17 year old musician Sam Perry, who managed not only to record the entire album in house environment, but also to produce it in a really high class level, when it`s about psychedelic sound. With some help with additional vocals, bass playing and mastering, this artist recorded nice piece of music with 9 songs. It sounds modern, a little bit fuzzy and noisy (well, as many of new psychedelic albums do), with many anthem choruses and nice guitar riffs. Songs like “Soothsayer”, “Sakura” and “Cloudgazer” stand out of the entire album with songwriting seriousness and structure. Closing title “I Wonder What It's Like Out There” could easily be place on some new age alternative rock ballad compilations. The only problem is that record companies don`t make them anymore. Want to hear something new? Check out this album and listen to it very carefully, and remember – this is the product of young man`s mind from new generation of psychedelic gang!

Review made by Andrija Babovic/2013
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