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Quttinirpaaq - No Visitors (2013) review

Quttinirpaaq “No Visitors” (Rural Isolation Project, 2013)

Austin’s aural equivalent of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre return from a four year absence with another mesmerizing collection of pants-shitting freakouts that stalk around the room like Skinny Puppy on a bad acid trip. Industrial noise, wrist-slashing shrieks, razor-blade guitars, ominous cinematic mayhem – and that’s just the first ten minutes.

               A demented, guitar-shredding deconstruction of George Brigman’s ‘DMD’ will rearrange your brain cells and the jungle boogie stomp of ‘Bad Ronald’ will frighten those noisy neighbours for blocks around. Disembodied vocals, boffo-distorto guitar antics (these guys don’t stop at 11 – the amps are piledriven up to 20!) and a who-gives-a-shit attitude towards harmonics and VU red lines ensures the sludge is cranked up beyond tolerable human pain thresholds – Iggy would be proud!

               The closing 3-song, 20-minute musical autopsy (‘Lohlands’, ‘Golden Needles’, ‘Horsehead Bookends’) is just about the most visceral listening experience you’ll encounter all year – guaranteed to extract bodily fluids in large quantities. Shit, these guy make Nine Inch Nails sound like a wedding band. Not recommended for anyone with a pacemaker or prone to nightmares.

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2013
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