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White Hills “The pursuit of rock & roll transcendence”

I’m going to non-randomly throw in some ideas about Zen calligraphy, because I think it relates to White Hills and their “thing.” Writing, sound, and vision combined.

Live, I got totally sucked in, filling in the void, a transport, my (against contentment) mind took over with an unconscious (1) escape move (2).
The heartbeat of movement, a hammer, a different kind of psych-rock hammer.

Things didn’t start off in the right way though, there was a paranoia, a flashback, and not because I saw a paperclip on the floor. A pre-show tune from the Melvins Bullhead, a vinyl I had recently sold on ebay so I could survive. What does it mean? What’s gonna happen? It’s not what happened, but how we feel about it.

Visually throughout the show, I could have used a hallucination periodically (3). What was lacking was 7 fog machines and some pretty lights (saved for the headliner Kylesa). I needed to make things up through my trance, like when listening at home, or when I’m moving in a vehicle – I thought of Heavy Metal the movie, the original one. The not perfect animation, a bit sloppy, expressive as if already at tomorrow’s party, or through an old radio. Seeing some knee-high red boots and a trippy floral print shirt didn’t cut it. And I was missing the weird Crispin Glover performance for this, yes, and with a smile.

All upbeat sounding live, driving, hammering, traveling, easy on the guru vocals. A soundtrack for reversing time, like when Monster Magnet’s Tab is playing backwards, but it sounds regular?,………. listening on the ledges of meditation (4). Or a soundtrack while executing your style of writing, due to the non-repetitive repetition, the snowball effect, or what Foucault liked to say – enveloping. The written lines created through some effects pedals, op-art-ness, the not exact lines of connecting energies (5) with the drums riding the cymbals, there to control the chaos.

Let it go man, put on the record and let it go (6), have patience my friend, the music is listening to you, empathy and atmosphere. Recorded material is less aggressive at times, mellow meandering, lonely, Floydish, don’t be afraid. Being low at times, I’m not sure if it’s best to plan on listening to a White Hills record, seems more of a spontaneous thing for full effect, in the moment, chance, you will never know, and it doesn’t want you to. But you can create the situation where a listening might be ideal. Find it, it’s different for everybody. You can’t lose your own experience.

The Spirit of Exile video was not subtle (7), a contrast to the music (8). Themes of powerlessness in the face of nature, outer space, energy (9), symmetry, with generated color and technology, sometimes against it, but embracing it when needed to keep up the middle way, Buddha.

Modern missing planets rock is entertainment, producing images, and includes that non-threatening guitar indulgence/focus (10). “Open your eyes,” “open your mind” (11), and don’t rely on techniques because the beauty of it cannot be repeated.

By the way, I didn’t mention Hawkwind at all, but I will say hippie metal, no shoes.

1.           Work of conscious effort is devoid of life.
2.           Be one with the creation, the characters.
3.           Viewing the work is communication with the spirit of the creator.
4.           Standing, using the whole body, form and spirit.
5.           Lines emerge from the void (chaos that preceded separation of heaven and earth) beginning the instant brush touches paper.
6.           No-mind. Thought, emotion, and expectations don’t matter, true creation.
7.           Bold strokes for stability and weight.
8.           Gently curving lines – warmth and compassion.
9.           Gestural energy.
10.         Do not be indulgent. Write simple characters with intense focus.
11.         Remove barrier between self and others.

Article made by Robert Savela/2013
© Copyright

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