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Bushman's Revenge - Electric Komle: Live! (2013) review

Bushman's Revenge - Electric Komle: Live! (Rune Grammofon, 2013)

Marrying a motorific, driving rhythm section to angular, Townshendian guitar pyrotechnics, this Norwegian jazz/rock hybrid pulls out all the stops on this ferociously hot live set, recorded last year at Molde’s Storyville jazz club. Your jaws will sink ever downward as guitarist Even Helte Hermansen effortlessly channels Franks Marino, Gambale, and Zappa in an onslaught of showmanship that is never ostentatious, yet still manages to explore the breadth and depth of his instrument with the acumen of a master craftsman. Drummer Gard Nilsen and bassist Rune Nergaard come on like a freight train unleashed and bound for glory (or hellbent for leather, depending on the track!), easily forging one of rock’s finest rhythm sections. These guys have been playing for over a decade and they’re as tight as any act on the live circuit today.

The six tracks captured here (from each of their four previous Rune Grammofon albums) find them at their sharpest – no stage banter or even gaps between tracks – just 45 minutes of unbridled, non-stop energy piledriving your senses until your heart’s in your mouth and your chest is gasping for air. Even the much-dreaded drum solo during the “Ginsgerg”/”King of Hello”/”Professor Chaos” medley manages to capture the spirit of the godlike  Buddy Rich before mercifully getting out of the way. And just as “Lonely Woman” fades off into dreamsville and you think you can go back to your mundane lives, Bushmen’s Revenge pull the rug out from under you with the firebreathing finale, “No More Dead Bodies for Daddy Tonight”, a stomping, stalking riot of metallic sludge that’ll have Jason, Michael Myers, and Leatherface cowering in terror in the corner! I can almost feel the blood dripping from the band’s collective fingers!

This will equally impress fans of speed metal, avant skronk jazz, and hard psych and belongs in your record collection alongside those dusty old Mahogany Rush, Frank Zappa, Kiss, Motorhead, and Coltrane albums.

By the way, as far as I can make out, a “komle” is a traditional Norwegian potato dumpling!

Review made by Jeff Penczak/2013
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